FotoScan 3D Plantar Scanner

The FotoScan 3D Plantar scanner is a simple and powerful 3D scanner designed to capture the 3D plantar surface for custom insoles.
  • 1 second scan time
  • Full 3D data capture of all parts of the plantar surface
  • Scans the foot in non, partial and full weight bearing positions
  • Captures foam box impressions and casts
  • Accurate to within 0.5 mm
  • Provides a full colour 3D image of the plantar surface
  • Compatible with all leading orthotic manufacturing systems
The Plantar scanner is successfully used worldwide for orthotic manufacture, helping podiatrists and orthotists to deliver faster turnarounds and higher quality results.

The standard Plantar scanner is perfect for fixed locations, such as retail outlets and larger clinics.  There is also a portable version that you can take from one clinic to another to scan feet and foam boxes,  for use with a standard laptop PC.

Both types of Plantar scanner can be used with our unique Air Impression Box.  This allows the accurate weight bearing scans to be taken directly, without the for a foam box.


 Plantar Scanner factsheet
Portable Plantar Scanner factsheet
Air Impression Box factsheet
Portable Plantar Scanner video

Sample files:
Plantar scan - non-weight bearing - STL 
Plantar scan - non-weight bearing - VRML
Plantar scan - non-weight bearing - DXF

Foam box - STL 
Foam box - VRML 
Foam box - DXF


  The FotoScan 3D Plantar scanner delivers accurate 3D data that can be used directly in the manufacture of orthotics.