FotoScan 3D for custom insoles

FotoScan 3D scanners are a powerful and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of casting for custom insoles.  

Independent studies have shown that the practitioner can save at least 20 minutes per patient when digitally scanning the foot, instead of using a traditional plaster cast. This represents a typical cost saving of over £30 per patient.

There are also substantial time savings in the lab, because there is no drying time for the cast.  As a result labs can deliver custom orthoses more quickly and at lower cost levels.

FotoScan 3D is a highly flexible technology, allowing the clinician to digitally cast the foot in whatever way is clinically the most desirable.  The Plantar scanner is best suited to weight and semi-weight bearing scans.  The Handheld scanner is perfect for non-weight bearing, sub talar neutral scanning.

Both scanners take less than 1 second to scan the foot, and only 10 seconds to build a full colour digital cast.  Both will also scan plaster socks and foam boxes,.

The FotoScan 3D software outputs the digital casts to a wide range of industry standard 3D file formats.  The overwhelming majority of labs worldwide can now import these files directly into their orthotic manufacturing process.

FotoScan 3D saves time and money, and  offers a gateway to a worldwide market in orthotics supply.


 Plantar Scanner factsheet
  Handheld Factsheet

Sample files:
Plantar scan - non-weight bearing - STL 
Plantar scan - non-weight bearing - VRML
Plantar scan - non-weight bearing - DXF

Foam box - STL 
Foam box - VRML 
Foam box - DXF