FotoScan 3D Foot Scanner

The FotoScan 3D foot scanner is the  most powerful and versatile foot scanning solution in the world.   Key features include:

  • Creates an instant and precise "digital cast" of the foot 
  • Allows the orthotist to correct the foot position before scanning.
  • Allows accurate measurement of foot shape and skin conditions
  • Accurate to within 0.5 mm on any foot measure. 
  • Data can be used for custom footwear and insoles
  • Compatible with all major CAD/CAM systems
The FotoScan 3D foot scanner is a proven solution, and is helping to deliver a 98% first time fit for custom and orthopaedic shoes.  

The FotoScan 3D  Foot Scanner is now available as a Mobile version - the only truly portable foot scanner on the market.  The FotoScan 3D Mobile can be carried by one person, assembled for operation in 5 minutes and requires no calibration.  It delivers the same high quality, full colour 3D scans as the standard version.


Foot Scanner factsheet
Mobile Foot Scanner factsheet
 FotoScan 3D foot scanner in use in an NHS hospital
 FotoScan 3D Mobile version - assembly and use

Sample files:
Full foot scan - STL 
Full foot scan - VRML
Full foot scan - DXF

Plaster sock - STL 
Plaster sock - VRML
Plaster sock - DXF