FootMILL CAD/CAM custom lasts and insoles

FootMILL is an exciting innovation in CAD/CAM for custom lasts and insoles.   As a last making tool, it makes it possible for users to create perfectly fitting custom and orthopaedic shoe lasts without traditional last making skills .  For insoles, FootMILL can instantly convert 3D plantar scans into precise custom orthotics, again without the need for specialist knowledge.   Based on a leading CAD/CAM platform, FootMILL is the most powerful, flexible and compatible last and insole modeling solution on the market today.


A revolution in last modeling for custom and orthopaedic shoemaking.

FootMILL applies the power of  the world’s leading CAD/CAM platform to the specialised world of custom and orthopaedic last making.  It ulitises technology developed for precision engineering to create a tool that enables the skilled last maker to radically increase productivity and accuracy without compromising on the quality of the traditional process.

For the less skilled, FootMILL provides a series of easily understood steps and processes that enable the design of accurate custom lasts without the need for detailed knowledge of the traditional last making craft. 

FootMILL represents a genuine revolution in CAD/CAM for shoe lasts.  Based on the powerful and widely-used Rhinoceros CAD/CAM technology, and used in conjunction with the FotoScan 3D foot scanning system, it is the most powerful, flexible and compatible last modeling system in the world.

Download the FootMILL Last Modeling System factsheet


An outstanding 3D solution for the design and manufacture of custom insoles

FootMILL is a powerful and remarkably easy-to-use system for the design of custom insoles using 3D scans.  It utilises a market-leading 3D CAD/CAM platform to create a solution that allows the fast and reliable conversion of 3D scans into accurate custom insoles of any kind.

FootMILL is fast and flexible.  It can create a fully customised insole from a 3D foot scan in less than a minute, and it has all the features you need to modify the insole for any corrective requirement. It also enables you to create an extensive library of insole shapes and designs, that can be instantly graded and modified to fit the patient.

FootMILL represents a major leap forward in the field of custom insole design. Based on the powerful and widely-used Rhinoceros CAD/CAM technology, it has a unique combination of power, simplicity, and compatibility.  It is as suitable for use in clinics as it is in large-scale production labs and, used with the leading FotoScan 3D scanning systems, it offers a highly cost-effective approach to digitising the production of custom insoles.

Download the FootMILL Custom Insole System factsheet


FootMILL last modeling

FootMILL screenshot

FootMILL insole