FotoScan 3D for wound measurement

FotoScan 3D scanners capture full colour 3D data to a very high level of accuracy, so can be an invaluable tool in the field of wound measurement.

Wound measurement is essential in assessing the progress of wound healing. Commonly used tools such as wound tracings, width and length measurements, have limitations, such as lack of accuracy, difficulty of use, and often entail wound contact.

FotoScan 3D scanners are non-contact systems that will capture all aspects of a wound, including depth and area.  The FotoScan 3D foot scanner will record foot ulcers, for example, as an automatic byproduct of a 3D foot  scan.  The FotoScan 3D Handheld scanner is a fully portable device that can scan wounds on any part of the body within less than one second.

The scanners are as easy to use as digital cameras, and  accurate to within 0.5 mm.

All FotoScan scanners are compatible with the FotoScan 3D Measure system that allows the detailed measurement of full colour 3D scans.  Measures can be in  2D and 3D, allowing area and depth to be precisely recorded.

All measures can be saved and exported into other applications.  Multiple scans can be viewed within the Measure program, allowing the clinician to track  wound healing progress over a period of time.



  Scanned wound in mono and full  colour 3D