FotoScan 3D for orthopaedic and custom footwear

FotoScan 3D represents massive step forward from traditional foot casting and measurement techniques.

Lengthy and messy plaster casting is replaced with a simple scanning procedure that takes only 4 seconds per foot.  The result is a digital cast that is accurate to within 0.5 mm.  That cast can then be saved to disk and emailed anywhere in the world for accurate orthopaedic shoe manufacturing and/or best fit analysis.

One of the unique features of FotoScan 3D casts is that they are in full colour image 3D.  That means that you can clearly see all aspects of the foot and skin condition.  It makes FotoScan a perfect tool for wound management, and also helps medical device manufacturers design lasts and orthotics to meet the patients' specific clinical needs.

FotoScan 3D foot scanners are supplied with a powerful 3D measurement program that lets both the clinician and the manufacturer measure all aspects of the foot shape and condition with accuracy and consistency.  As a result, FotoScan offers a complete solution to the problem of shoe fit in the orthopaedic sector.

And for companies who are fully digital in their production techniques, FotoScan 3D files can be exported to a range of industry standard 3D formats, allowing the digital cast of the foot to be used directly in the manufacturing process.

FotoScan 3D has an outstanding record in the orthopaedic industry worldwide and is delivering a 98% first-time fit rate for orthopaedic footwear.


Foot Scanner factsheet

 FotoScan 3D foot scanner in use in an NHS hospital

Sample files:
Full foot scan - STL 
Full foot scan - VRML
Full foot scan - DXF

Plaster sock - STL 
Plaster sock - VRML
Plaster sock - DXF


  FotoScan delivers a 98% first time fit rate for custom orthopaedic shoes